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Each Wondr workflow comes preconfigured and ready to go.

You only need to modify the AI prompts for your own products,

and customize them for your particular product niche!

POD automation solutions that have generated proven results

Wondr workflows were designed to be easy to build and implement.

  • No-Code user friendly graphic interface

  • Easy to build, easy to copy paste and expand

  • Used by more No Code professionals than any other software in the automation industry!

  • Thousands of possible Integrations 

What's included with Wondr Workflows Premium?

Wondr University (Advanced Tutorials)

Wondr Engine (Workflow Processing Engine)

Wondr Workflows (Dalle 3 and MidJourney)

Wondr Apps (Specialised GPTs)

Wondr Magic Tool (Coming Soon)


What people are saying about Wondr Workflows

"The course is incredibly easy"

"I don't like coding and I'm not a coder, but you don't have to be..."

"This is so useful!"

Make + WondrAI

WondrAI has partnered with Make!

Now when you subscribe to WondrAI, you get access to Wondr Engine, which is a fully featured white labeled version of Make!

No more need for two separate subscriptions. 

Get the proven AI Automated Print on Demand System

If you want to easily implement a fully automated print on demand store that designs, publishes, and markets on autopilot, we've got you covered.

Get WondrAI

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